FARM TOUR PASSPORT (use map below!)

Use the pink words below to fill in the blanks, then use clues and the map to navigate to stations to explore all corners of the farm! 


  1. Our forest is full of trees, and you can wander along our ______________ to enjoy peace and shade on hot days. 

    • CHALLENGE: ​Follow the trail to our stream, and find 5 signs of life along the way!

  2. All our waterways are connected; the ____________ that runs through our site connects to water all throughout the region!  

    • CHALLENGE:​ Using GoogleMaps, find where you are, and follow the stream until it reaches a river. Find the name of that river. Follow that river on the map all the way until you see where it connects to the body of water closest to your school...and/or the Inner Harbor! 

  3. In spring and summer, we plant mostly in our outdoor ______________. Today, you’ll plant and decorate your own pot to take home in our Cherry Circle.

    • CHALLENGE:​ Decorate a pot, fill it 3/4 high with soil, and plant a seed or seedling to take home.

  4. In discussions of climate change, we often discuss the ______________ effect, which describes the ways that gases in Earth’s atmosphere trap heat. 

    • CHALLENGE:​ Find the passion fruit. (HINT: use Google if you have never seen passion fruit or its vines, and keep in mind that our fruit is not yet ripe!) 

  5. _______________ and other decomposers love the darkness and rich soil under stumps all over our farm. Head inside to the Monarch Classroom and explore our vermicompost bins – in which we’ve mimicked the dark and moist habitat where these decomposers thrive.

    • CHALLENGE: Dig into the bin, pick up a worm, and thank the worm for its help to break down organic matter and recycle it into soil! Give your worm a name, and feed the worm 1 item from food bin in the classroom.  

  6. At Great Kids Farm, we recycle natural waste in our _____________ bins – to create new, rich soil! 

    • CHALLENGE:​ Walk up the ramp and look into the bins; check the temperature in the bin by reading the large thermometer. Name 3 food items you've thrown out the past week that could have been composted!

  7. We love bees, wasps, butterflies, and other winged creatures that love bright colors and powerful scents in our __________________ garden. 

    • CHALLENGE:​ Find 2 different types of pollinators and 2 different types of plants.

  8. At night our animals chill in the ___________, where they are safe from foxes! 

    • CHALLENGE: Carefully enter chicken coops (closing door behind you), and find and collect 1 egg. Put it in the egg carton oustide the coops.

  9. _______________ are plants that can be used to make food, teas, soaps, etc., thanks to their scents and flavors.

    • CHALLENGE: Pick some herbs to take home!

  10. Fruit trees grow in our _______________!

    • CHALLENGE:​ Find an immature fruit and think of 3 recipes that could incorporate it...

Farm Passport Map 2022.png