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FGKF needs the support of partners of all shapes and sizes so that we can continue to support and enhance the programming at Great Kids Farm. Choose your dollar amount and see what your donation can do!

$1 buys a goldfish for a class aquaponics kit

$5 buys a kid-sized watering can for a 2nd grade student

$20 buys a water quality testing kit for classroom aquaponics 

$30 buys a tank of diesel for the tractor 

$35 buys paint for student art projects on the farm 

$40 provides an herb planter box, an aquaponics kit, or a mushroom-growing kit for a classroom

$45 provides a 4X4 raised bed for a school garden

$50 buys a tank of gas for the Farm truck (for school kits & garden supply deliveries)

$75 buys a new, durable, long-lasting battery for our power tools

$100 employs a high school student for a day on the Farm

$150 buys a battery powered tool for our high school interns

$250 provides a personal toolkit for our high school interns

$400 provides transportation for 26 elementary school students to the Farm for a day

$450 buys a fecal testing kit for the barn

$500 will purchase a chick hatching kit for high school classes to borrow

$1,500 will cover farm truck maintenance for a year

$3,500 will fund a student summit (Gardening, Good Food, African American Foodways) for 125 students

$5,000 will fund a Food Fellows Internship Program for 6 culinary arts students

$10,000 will fund our summer intern program at the Farm 

Questions about how you can contribute? Please email or call 443-620-3453.



The Farm's small staff accomplish amazing things, but individual and group volunteers have been an important part of GKF's vibrancy since the beginning. Volunteer opportunities may include field trip and educational programming support, landscaping assistance, and administrative tasks.

Please email to inquire about opportunities for individuals, or email to inquire about opportunities for groups.

If you are interested in applying for a position on Friends' Board of Directors, email