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GKF Internship Reflection

By Tiejai Mackinnon

Summer 2021 Intern, Great Kids Farm

Photo: Tiejai shows off her new carpentry skills as she builds raised bed gardens

Hey, my name is Tiejai Mackinnon. I attend Green Street Academy as a Junior. I found out about Great Kids Farm through Youthworks. I decided it would be a great experience to continue working with Great Kids Farm.

Closer to the end of the summer we started working on garden beds. I didn’t have much experience with saws and drills so James walked me through everything by demonstrating how to use the tools. This helped me understand and complete the project. The next day I was able to show what I learned to the other interns. This memory is special to me because I discovered that I like to build things.

Before I started working at Great Kids Farm I had no experience with driving, I’d just watch the other interns drive the tractor and I knew that I would want to try it one day. So one day I decided to get on it and I wasn’t the best but I learned that if I keep trying then I could only get better so I continued to practice driving it and I get better every-time. Another thing that I learned is how to use a tiller. I had no idea what a tiller was but I still went for it.

I would recommend this internship to others. It is a new environment and opportunity. You learn so much about nature and how it operates. Other interns, managers and adults are really nice which allows you to always feel comfortable. I do plan on continuing to work with Great Kids Farm throughout the school year. Thank you so much for having me.

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