SCAVENGER HUNT (use map below!)

  1. In our barn you'll find all our ________: our chickens can lay eggs; our goats can produce milk.                                     

  2. You'll find me in a building made of glass, where ___________ stay warm in the early spring. 

  3. I'm filled with trees, and a stream. I have walking trails and will make you feel peaceful as you wander. I am a _____________. Start your trail scavenger hunt on the trails next to the barn!

  4. I am a ___________-- one of the insects, birds and bats that fly all over the farm carrying precious cargo. I bring pollen from flower to flower. Walk the paths of our special garden where pollinating plants grow.

  5. Wasted food, weeds and animal waste: I help turn it all into soil! You'll find me behind the Bragg building. I'm called __________.

  6. Every year, farmers save me from their harvest so I can be planted next spring. I am the _____________.  Look for two activities on the field near the greenhouses.

  7. I come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. I spice up your sauces and have delicious smells. I'm called __________s. Find me in the pizza garden. 

  8.  I fall from the sky and fill the oceans. I flow through rivers, and trickle through the soil. I'm _______. Follow the path through the woods to find my station. 

  9. I prefer the dark to the light and live underground, but I'm one of the hardest workers on the farm. While I may be under your feet at any moment, you'll also find me in a special habitat where I make fertilizer for the farm. I'm a _________ !

  10. Fruits and Veggies of every color play different roles in keeping us alive and healthy. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple: can you taste the _________________?

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