What is Plan(t) the Future?

Friends and City Schools have a PLAN to expand the programs at Great Kids Farm. 

What's in the plan?

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It boils down to ensuring every student has a meaningful learning experience at the Farm, access to healthy food in their cafeteria, a garden in their schoolyard, and career skills at graduation. Click on the infographic for details.

Giving students the tools for a healthy and successful life is not just about our students' future--it's about the future of our city. And City Schools needs our help more than ever to bring the Farm's programs to scale!

We need your support to deliver on the Plan's ambitious goals in the year ahead! 

How will funds be used?

  • Paying for bus transportation to bring EVERY 7th GRADE STUDENT to the Farm in the 2015-2016 school year--that's 5,800 students!
  • Adding program staff to develop and deliver programs at this expanded scale.
  • Renovating our campus greenhouses to grow more seedlings for farm-to-cafeteria production and school yard gardens--with greater energy efficiency.