Community Investment Tax Credits

CITCs help our donors provide greater support for Great Kids Farm’s programs at a lower cost to them!

How does it work?

Individuals and businesses making a contribution of $500 or more may receive state tax credits for half the value of their donation. This is in addition to charitable contribution deduction on federal and state taxes.

Can you provide an example?

The value of the tax credits will differ based on your tax rate. This example shows the value of tax credits for an individual donor with a 25% federal tax rate and a 7% state tax rate.

If this donor was planning a gift of $1,000 without tax credits, they could donate $3,778 at the same net cost to them!

How will my gift be used?

CITCs help our donors make meaningful contributions to important projects that expand Great Kids Farm's reach: completion of a deer fence to protect crops and learning spaces, funding a farm assistant and volunteer coordinator to help programs grow, and ensuring Friends can continue to provide reliable, sustained funding for Farm programs.

Where can I get more information?

To discuss making a CITC eligible contribution, contact

For more information on the Community Investment Tax Credit program, and the criteria by which non-profit organizations are awarded tax credits, visit the program's website.

*Provided for illustrative purposes only, net cost of contribution will depend on individual tax rates. Consult your financial or tax advisor.