Adopt a Farm Animal

Adopt a Farm Animal at Great Kids Farm!

Farm animal adoptions are a fun way to help us expand the flock at Great Kids Farm and cover the costs for each animal’s feed, shelter, and care. Animals at the farm provide educational opportunities for Baltimore City Schools students and business options for our work-study students. Adoptions are symbolic, the animals will remain at Great Kids Farm. Animal adoptions are tax deductible.   

Farm animal adoptions make great gifts. Give a gift that lasts all year and provides our animals with the support they need. You or your chosen recipient will receive a photo, a certificate of adoption and an info sheet about your chosen animal. Sponsoring a farm animal is also a great way to honor a special child, family member or friend. If you plan to ask guests or acquaintances to make a donation towards an adoption in honor/memory of someone, please email and let us know, we'll tally up all the donations and send a personalized email with the total.

You can give a one-time gift or sign up to be billed monthly. 


ADOPT A GOAT                                                                 ADOPT A CHICKEN


Adopt a Turkey